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It’s extremely difficult for a fledgling company to pay it’s singers right off the bat. We have committed to paying each principal performer at least a nominal travel stipend for participating in our production. We would love to be able to provide even more remuneration though, and that’s where your generosity comes in. Singers have many expenses involved with learning and performing a new role:



  • Coachings
  • Lessons
  • Driving to/from rehearsals
  • Missing work for rehearsals and performances
  • etc.



We have quite a few leads & comprimario roles in this show:



  • Lord Ruthven
  • Edgar Aubry
  • Malwina Davenaut
  • Janthe Berkeley
  • Lady Davenaut
  • Emmy Perth
  • Suse Blunt
  • Sir John Berkeley
  • George Dibdin
  • Toms Blunt
  • James Gadshill
  • Richard Scrop
  • Robert Green



Each of these performers put in many hours outside of rehearsal time to learn their parts.



The singers we hire are not of the old-school “park and bark” variety. These are singing actors. They will engage you. They will draw you in to their character. They will inspire you.



You may choose to help generally, or you may choose to sponsor a specific role. Your name will be included in our program unless you ask otherwise.